Our Services

Pre-Construction Services

Failure to plan is planning to fail.   At HarenLaughlin, our pre-construction planning is an extensive process, including a thorough review of design documents. We routinely streamline schedules and procedures to ensure you receive the finest quality at the most competitive price.  The earlier we are involved in your project, the more we are able to control budgets and manage your resources wisely and efficiently.  We work with the team from the inception of your project to ensure the most value for your dollar.

    Construction Services

    We want the building experience to be exceptional for our clients. With this goal in mind, there are five key elements to every build: Safety, Quality, Cost Control, Time, and Owner Satisfaction. With these elements in mind, three key principles are inherent to the success of our projects.

    Safety Is the Top Priority
    At HarenLaughlin, our highest priority is to conduct a safe project, for our clients, their clients, and the HarenLaughlin team.  Our safety heritage is just that – a long-standing commitment to the safety of everyone involved in our projects.  From OSHA training to monthly meetings, weekly on-site training and daily site safety inspections, safety is the guiding principle in how we manage every project.  This commitment results in each of our employees returning home safe at the end of the day and a stellar company safety record with more than five years since our last lost time accident.

    Communication Is Key
    At the inception of a project we work with the owners to establish communication roles and expectations for all parties from the owner through subcontractors and suppliers.  With our communication process, there are no surprises:

    • Progress Reports are provided at regularly scheduled meetings and daily as needed via email and conference calls.
    • Project Schedules are updated weekly in conjunction with three-week project ‘look-ahead’ schedules to allow for project and material planning.
    • Costs are monitored and reported weekly with monthly in-depth reviews to ensure budget adherence.
    • Feedback opportunities are presented throughout the building process, with surveys provided to our clients to ensure we are meeting your needs and allowing our team to make modifications as necessary.

    Oversight For Excellence
    For the duration of the construction process, your project is monitored daily by a full-time, on-site superintendent. Our project managers are Construction Science degreed professionals, who are accessible to owners, highly skilled and educated, and selected for projects based on their skill set and experience.  Each job site superintendent is exclusive to his project to provide full time over site.

    The project manager and superintendent are in continuous communication to ensure oversight and pro-active management of your asset. This oversight begins with site development and continues through final landscaping.  This hands-on supervision process ensures job site safety, superior quality, cost management and an on-time project delivery.

    Post-Construction Services

    We guarantee our work and provide you the confidence of owning/operating a sustainable facility.

    To ensure your satisfaction, we administer a one-year warranty on your project.  At any point during the warranty period, simply contact us with any concern you may have with your facility.

    Our post-construction services are designed to ensure not only the quality of your experience, but also the functionality of your facility when construction is complete.


    Each project close out includes:

    • Final Inspections and Occupancy Permit
    • Owner Move-in Coordination
    • Staff Training Coordination with detailed training on the building and systems with your on site staff
    • Punch List Completion of details to ensure your final quality satisfaction
    • Project Closeout including a complete index of subcontractors and contact information, warranty information, maintenance information and as-built drawings
    • 365 Warranty a full one year warranty on our work for resolution to any project concerns.
    • Warranty Response Notification designed to provide a single source for warranty responsibility; we ensure any potential concerns are addressed. Your project manager tracks, monitors, and addresses any warranty considerations within your completed facility.
    • One Year Walk Through to ensure resolution of any potential issues with warranties or punch list items.

    Our satisfied clients are the best form of advertising. We are confident the quality of our work will be to your satisfaction; just ask the repeat clients who comprise more than 80% of our business.


    Our capacity to self-perform various aspects of the project allows our team to guarantee excellence while managing timelines, expenses and quality efficiently and effectively.

    Subcontractor Selection
    When we subcontract services, we hand select the subcontractor to provide the caliber of craftsmanship we are proud to deliver under the HarenLaughlin name. Our selection process begins with a pre-qualified list of skilled contractors from each trade.  This pre-qualified list consists of proven subcontractors, owner and architect recommendations, and recommended trade providers.  Bids received from these pre-qualified crafts are reviewed for accuracy, completeness, qualifications, and competitiveness.  Final bids may be subject to owner review so the most competitive and qualified subcontractors will be awarded the contract.

    Self-Perform Capabilities:

    • Demolition
    • Concrete
    • Rough Carpentry
    • Finish Carpentry
    • Casework
    • Doors & Hardware
    • Window Installation
    • Framing & Drywall
    • Acoustic Ceilings
    • Specialties


    Delivery Methods

    Our methods to deliver a construction project are as diverse as the needs of our clients. Whether your project is a concept yet-to-be-designed or ready to break-ground, HarenLaughlin is infinitely qualified to bring it to fruition.  When you partner with HarenLaughlin you receive a rare breadth of perception and immeasurable support for your construction project, found only in a company with our tenure. We have the technical ability to facilitate creative, functional and cost-effective solutions for every scenario.

    Design/Build – Our process provides a single point of responsibility for your project utilizing one contract for design and construction, managing communications and maximizing resources. As your design builder, HarenLaughlin’s responsibility for the plan, design and construction results in time and cost savings. HarenLaughlin design/build clients continually find that this streamlined process allows efficiencies throughout the entire process, resulting in a smoother-than-expected build regardless of the complexity and duration of the project.

    Design/Assist – Facilitating strong relationships between your architect and the most critical aspects of the project early in the design process allows us to seek efficiencies and establish cost-efficient solutions. At HarenLaughlin, we’re experts at providing design assistance, defining costs and anticipating project needs. This expertise allows us to eliminate time lags in construction, material delivery and project completion.

    General Contracting – Specializing in the construction of commercial projects, HarenLaughlin affords our clients a vast wealth of general contracting knowledge and experience. To accommodate our client’s diverse needs, we perform a broad spectrum of general contracting services, offering our insight and ingenuity to our clients. Our general contracting expertise allows us to consistently deliver on-time and on-budget projects, resulting in long-term client partnerships.

    Construction Management – With unparalleled construction management proficiency, HarenLaughlin serves as your project construction manager from inception through completion. We represent your interests while supervising the work and strengthening relationships amongst all interested parties. From design professionals to public entities, we model a cooperative spirit that is respected and revered on our construction management projects.

    • CM Agency – As your construction manager, HarenLaughlin is responsible exclusively to the owner, acting in your interest through every stage of the project. We expertly facilitate the relationship between subcontractors and the project owner to maximize efficiencies.
    • CM At-Risk – As your construction manager, we act as your consultant in the development and design phases. Throughout the construction process, we manage subcontracts on your behalf, controlling the process, construction costs and timelines.

    Acting as your construction manager, we offer insight uncolored by conflicting interests, allowing us to professionally manage your construction project and yield the greatest possible return on your construction investment.